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Party Teapot

Princess Tea

For girls 12 and under

Many little girls like to pretend to be princesses. They enjoy dressing up in pretty dresses and sparkly things and twirling around the room. It makes them feel special. Pretty. All too soon they grow up and no longer believe that they are princesses or could ever be a princess. They battle with insecurities and struggle to feel pretty or valuable. A Princess Tea is a great ministry event planned for girls under 12 where they not only get to pretend to be a princess and dress up and enjoy an afternoon tea—all fun things for little girls—but are reminded that they really ARE princesses. That God calls them His princesses. More than just a fun afternoon for little girls and their moms and grandmoms, this event can build a foundation little girls can build on as they grow, learning lessons that will remind them of who they are and how they are uniquely special. When included in a women’s ministries program that also plans events for teens and for adults, the tea makes it possible to impact the lives of women for Christ from the time they are little girls through their adult years.

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