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Parenting Solo

Ministering to Single Moms

Of the nearly 15 million single-parent homes in the United States, more than 80 percent are led by single mothers. Only 33 percent of single mothers attend church. Women's Ministries is uniquely positioned to reach out and connect with this often overlooked demographic. Click below to download our free resources and start this ministry in your community. 

This video was presented by Jennifer Maggio who was a single mom and faced many difficult years, but it was thanks to the ministry of a local church that her life began to change. Eventually, with the blessing of God, she became the CEO of Fortune 500 Company, and today she employs her life in a special ministry to bless single mothers across the world. Maggio is the founder of ‘The Life of a Single Mom’ and she speaks on what God has done in her own life and through her experience.
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