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God in Shoes

An Innovative Method of Evangelism That Takes

the Church into the Community Performing Acts of

Ministry to Demonstrate God’s Love

The purpose of God in Shoes Ministry is to take a team of women and their resources to a designated area of the community or conference to minister to women in need and their families through home improvement projects, hosting family fun events, and pampering time for women.

Free meals and mini-seminars on practical topics provide opportunities to connect with those in need. It also gives the volunteers hands-on training so they are able to return to their own community and organize their church to do outreach.


1. Prayer: Fast, pray, and ask for God’s leading.

2. Cast Vision to Women: At conference retreats, camp meetings, and prayer breakfasts, cast the vision of a mission experience in their conference or community. Provide sign-up sheets.

3. Determine Location: Study demographics of a potential area to determine the needs.

4. Meet with Pastor/Church Board: Enlist their support and participation by presenting your outreach objectives.

5. Begin Networking in the Community You Select for the Project: Spend time in the community; find out where people spend their time. Where do people go for assistance? When possible, partner with already existing agencies to make your work easier and to affirm them in what they are already doing.

6. Organize Outreach: Be realistic in what your group can successfully accomplish.

• Coordinate home improvement projects (if needed, solicit help from the men in the local Adventist Church).

• Provide free evening meals.

• Offer classes on nutrition, Bible study, parenting, or job interview skills. The focus should be to teach and to build relationships.

• Organize a family fun day.

• Host a FREE spa day for women.

7. Schedule Team: For a one- to two-week mission outreach, some women come to help for two to three days, some stay for the entire time. Send out letter/email to those who indicated an interest in participating in the mission outreach. The letter should include daily schedule and work activity.

8. Advertise the Event in the Community: Use local cable station, radio, newspaper, and circulate fliers.

9. Organizational Meeting with Volunteers: Organize a meeting with volunteers the evening before the outreach begins. Review schedule, designate who is in charge of various activities, and answer questions.

10. Evangelism 101! Spend time in prayer, discipling volunteers to do the same. A debriefing

each evening is very important for the spiritual growth of the volunteers. Give them opportunity to share stories of their day’s happenings.

11. Follow-Up:

• Make a spreadsheet of attendees’ addresses.

• Meet with the church to help develop a realistic follow-up plan.

• Encourage local church members to develop an ongoing ministry in the

outreach area.

• Give opportunity for the volunteers to share how the mission trip

affected their lives at the next retreat or camp meeting.

How to Implement God in Shoes Ministry in your Community or Conference

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