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Heart Call (Booklet & DVD)

Heart Call (Booklet & DVD)


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Heart Call is a ministry by women for women who are taking a break from church. If you know someone in your community that you have not seen in church for weeks, months, or years, then Heart Call may be a ministry for you. This kit will provide you with everything you need for a successful Heart Call ministry. Contents include: The complete guide to Heart Call Ministry - A step-by-step guide to starting your ministry that includes job descriptions, ideas to connect, and follow-up activities. A short video to show your church or Women’s Ministries group - Everyone knows someone they wish would come back to church. This video tells the story of a woman who just couldn’t come in the church door and how a Heart Call ministry reached her. PowerPoint presentation for training volunteers - Once you identify the women in your church that want to be part of the Heart Call ministry, you will want to spend some time together sharing the vision of Heart Call and showing how the ministry works. The PowerPoint presentation provides the main talking points for the leader. Photocopy masters for participants and programs - Everything you need to copy is available as a PDF file. Included is everything from worksheets for gathering names to Tea Talk cards you can use as part of a connecting event. Start a Heart Call ministry in your church – experience the joy of connecting!