enditnow Emphasis Day 

Theme 2017:  "Love Protects: Healing the Wounds of Emotional Abuse"

August 26, 2017
Author: Dr. Linda Koh

The North American Division recognizes that children and men, as well as women, are victims of abuse. God abhors abuse of EVERY kind, and we are working to prevent it. 

The entire enditnow Emphasis Day kit is available to you; you may choose to use some or all of the materials. You may print it and reproduce it if you'd like to share it with others. We encourage you to use it on your church's enditnow Emphasis Day. We can also supply supporting materials for your church upon request.

Love Protects Word document

Love Protects PowerPoint

Dating Violence PowerPoint

Dating Violence Brochure

Bullying PowerPoint

Children at Risk PowerPoint


*If the fourth Sabbath in August is not a convenient date for your church to observe enditnow Emphasis Day, please work with your pastor to find another date.