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Updated: May 31, 2017
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day
June 10, 2017*

Sermon and Seminar
Power Point for Sermon
Power Point for Seminar
"Women's Ministries Impacting Teens" Seminar (optional)
Power Point for WM Impacting Teens
Handouts for WM Impacting Teens

Sermon and Seminar

.Power Point for Sermon
Women's Ministries Impacting Teens Seminar
Power Point for WM Impacting Teens
Handouts for Impacting Teens

Sermon and Seminar

What is Women's Ministries Emphasis Day?
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day is an annual event on the church's Calendar of Days and Events. The Women's Ministries leader should meet with their pastor at least six months prior to this day to discuss special plans for this Sabbath. This is an opportunity to plan a full day of activities including Sabbath School, the worship service, a fellowship dinner, and perhaps an afternoon program. The leader may also want to use this time to honor women in the congregation who have done something unusual or outstanding.
*If the second Sabbath in June is not a convenient date for your church to observe Women's Emphasis Day, please work with your pastor to find another date.