Women's Ministries Offering

(Always the 2nd Sabbath in July)

NAD Working Policy FW17  [NOTE: This is an addition to the current policy that mandates how conferences and unions handle the offering. Now that it will be part of the Church’s official policy manual (the NAD Working Policy) auditors will check to make sure the policy being carried out properly.]

    FW 17 05 In sharing the offering with the participating conferences and unions, it is the intention of the NAD Women’s Ministries Department to provide funds for conference and union Women’s Ministries departments to enable them to plan and conduct ministry activities and events.

    FW 17 10 Uses of Offering — The annual NAD Women’s Ministries Offering shall be distributed and used according to the following guidelines. 

    1. The NAD Women’s Ministries Offering shall be shared as follows:

             40% Conference
             30% Union
             30% Division

     2. The offering shall be used by the Women’s Ministries Department in the conference, union, or division and restricted to:
             a.  Evangelistic outreach sponsored by the Women’s Ministries Department
             b.  Leadership training for women
             c.  Other projects as directed by the Women’s Ministries Department

     3.  All offering funds shall be disbursed in consultation with the women’s ministries director/liaison of the respective conference, union, or division.