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Sample Offering Appeal
Today’s offering is for North American Division Women’s Ministries. Since its inception, the Women’s Ministries Department has been engaged in carrying out the mission of the Church, which is “to proclaim to all peoples the everlasting gospel. . .” God has gifted women with unique abilities, and that means women can do ministry in special ways that are especially meaningful to other women.
Women played a significant role in Christ's life and ministry, and they are playing a significant role in His work today. Women are ministering in their homes, their communities, and their churches. Among the resources the Women’s Ministries Department has developed are two DVD Bible study series for women: “Journey of Joy” and “Surprised by Love.” These DVD studies make giving Bible studies as easy as turning on the DVD player. NAD Women’s Ministries also sponsors nurturing activities like “God in Shoes” to empower women for outreach. God in Shoes is an innovative method of evangelism that takes the church into the community to perform acts of kindness and demonstrate God's love.
Another way the North American Division nurtures its members is through the enditnow initiative, which seeks to end all forms of abuse and violence in the church and in our communities. Through abuse awareness and prevention education, NAD Women’s Ministries is shining a light on the evils of every kind of abuse and sending the clear message that it is unacceptable. 
When Jesus explained what separates the sheep from the goats in Matt. 25:31-46, He made it clear that ministry to others is a primary characteristic of Christian believers. With the theme “A Ministry for Every Woman,” the North American Division Women’s Ministries Department actively encourages every woman in the Church to be involved in service to others. According to Ellen G. White, “They [women] can come close to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. Their labor is needed” (Evangelism, p. 465).
Your gift in July marked NAD Women’s Ministries Offering will affirm the work of women in the Church. May God impress you with your part in glorifying Him through your gift.