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Mission Statement Process

1. What has God called you to do?
2. Put your purpose on paper. "This goal has encouraged and challenged me to.....
3. Mission Accomplished:
    a. John the Baptist John 1:23
    b. 12 Disciples Luke 10:1
4. Jesus often made statements that described His purpose on earth. Write down what the following verses reveal about His understanding of His mission.
    a. Matt. 4:19
    b. Mark 10:45
    c. Luke 4:43
    d. Luke :32
    e. Luke 18:31-33
    f. John 3:14-17
    g. John 6:38-39
    h. John 8:13, 42
    i. John 9:39
5. What common ideas about His mission do you see repeated in these verses?
6. Paul, like Jesus, had a clear idea of what God had called him to do. Read the following passages and write down the main elements of Pauls' mission from each.
    a. Acts 9:15
    b. Rom. 1:14-15
    c. 1 Cor 9:19
    d. Eph. 3:7-9
    e. Phil 3:10-11
    f. Col. 2:1-3


1. It allows us to be guided by principles and beliefs
2. It guides us at times when we can't see our way clearly
3. It gives us hope for a future
4. It gives us a promise of what's coming when we can't see the end
 example: Abraham's mission: The Father of a great nation