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Certification, Level 2
(Note: The files for Leadership Certification, Level 1, are available free, on our website.  AdventSource has all 4 levels available on one CD:)


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Core Requirements

BS 201 Women of the Old Testament
HP 103 Philosophy of Women's Ministries
PS 303 Principles of Counseling
SS 403 Presenting an Effective Seminar
LS 505 Budget and Finance
WS 605 Producing a Newsletter
NP 703 Small Group Ministries and Support Groups
OP 806 Reclaiming Former Members

Electives (choose 3)

PS 304 Principles of Visitation
SS 404 Audio-Visual Use/Production
LS 502 Effective Leadership in Meetings, Committees, and Boards
LS 508 Time Management
LS 514 Program Building
WS 603 Developing Your Resources
WS 607 Writing Proposals
NP 702 Prayer Ministries
NP 706 Discipling New Members
OP 804 Literacy Training
OP 807 Assessing and Using Community Resources for Women
OP 808 Woman to Woman in Islam